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Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, on behalf of the Honorable Lisa Raitt,
Minister of Transport, today announced that the Government of Canada is investing $4,304,668 over two years

The Northern Rockies Regional Airport, and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, is on the brink of major socio-economic growth. The LNG sector is in strong global demand, with no foreseeable end to that demand in sight.

FORT NELSON – On Wednesday April 3th, a Grand Opening Event took place at the Northern Rockies Regional Airport (NRRA).

FORT NELSON – This August, the Northern Rockies Regional Airport (YYE) was the busiest small (Tier 2) airport in Canada, with more aircraft movements than were experienced in much larger centres.

We have attached a PDF with some background information about Northern Rockies Regional Airport.